How my therapist saved my life


“You are so young how can you help me?”

“Doesn’t it get boring to listen to problems all day”? 


Yup. These were the statements I used when I first started therapy with Divya. I found her page on Instagram and was instantly impressed. Being a 35 year old grieving woman, I was under the notion that Gen-Z therapists weren’t as effective or professional as older ones would be. 

I still remember in my first session with her, I was shocked to see a young girl in her early 20’s sitting on the other side of the screen as my therapist. 

I instantly said, “Wait, you are way too young to be My therapist”. Her response made me question so many things. It is something which has stayed with me till date and probably even changed my idea of therapy. 

My sessions with her have always been insightful. I was an extremely harsh and self-critical person before I met her. 

During one of our sessions she said ‘Whose voice do you hear when you judge yourself?’ That changed the whole equation between us. Working through grief was definitely not easy, but my therapist made that roller coaster ride safer for me. 

It’s been a month since we have terminated sessions and there hasn’t gone a day where I haven’t thought of her. 

I have nothing but respect for you therapists. Kudos to the work you provide!

– Former Client of Revive

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